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About Us

About Us Ganzhou Bojing Technology Co. Ltd. is located in the west part of LongLing Industrial Park, Nankang City, Jiangxi Province. Founded on April 18th, 2010, with an area of 24,838 square meters, our company is one of the backbone enterprises of rare earth materials processing industry in China....

Contact Us

Contact: Mr.Chen
Address:West District of Longling Industrial
Park, Nankang,Jiangxi Province
Mobile: 18942276659
TEL: 00-86-797 -6,792,686
Fax: 00-86-797 -6,792,008

Cerium Zirconlum Mixed Oxide
 SCR catalytic material
 High surface area Cerium Oxide
 Doped Alumina
 Cerium-zirconium Mixed Oxide
 Rare earth zirconium mixed oxides supported by alu
 Zirconium nitrate
 Rare earth-modified alumina
 Yttrium stabilized zirconia
 Zirconium hydroxide
 Zirconium acetate
 Zirconium propionate
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UV flatbed printer plastic bottles magnesium chloride

Cerium Zirconium Catalysts


Cerium Zirconium Mixed Oxide