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Japan's attack on all fronts "to get rid of dependence on Chinese rare earth

Japan Xinhua China Press, August 20, with the recent worsening of Sino-Japanese relations, the Japanese began to worry that China's use of rare earth to Japan clamp, began to attack on all fronts, seeking to get rid of dependence on China's rare earth resources, including from Vietnam to import rare earth recycling of rare earth resources in the development of new technology, the development of of their undersea rare earth resources, as well as looking for new energy alternative to rare earth.

According to "Japanese Economic News" message, in order to reduce dependence on China's rare earth resources, the Japanese government and businesses began Graph rare earth imports from Vietnam and other countries. In June 2012, Japan's imports from China dropped to 3007 tons of rare earth resources. Only 49.3% of the total input. Reduced by 50% within six months. In 2009, more than 90% of Japan's rare earth resources are required to rely on Chinese imports. Starting next year, Japan will attempt to formally enter the rare earth mine four from Australia and other countries with exports of rare earth resources interests. If cooperation is reached, is expected to be a year, imported 16,500 tons of rare earth resources.

The rare earth resources, the vast majority of the light rare earths. And reuse of Japan of rare earth resources, stable financing rate of 5 percent, become a few years of the Japanese government efforts to reach the target.

Japan's Ministry of Economy, said the Japanese government now faces: Protection of the light rare earth resources are still scarce heavy rare earth resources. Topics. Engine as electric cars and energy-saving appliances and other raw materials, the magnetic properties of dysprosium 9 percent today still rely on Chinese imports.

Toyota is cooperation and Canadian companies, mining magnetic dysprosium. Australia, a mineral development corporate commitment to supply Japan 15 years in the heavy rare earth resources. However, construction output energy pipeline to Japan, the time-consuming and implement them many tough.

METI has been determined from Japan's exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of the South Bird Island surrounding seabed mining rare earth. The companies share the burden of the astronomical costs will be in need of rare earth resources.

Japan's Toshiba Corp. is developing new technology to replace dysprosium, Australia and the United States is rich in rare earth resources, manufacturing and previous performance is no different from the magnet. Honda drawn up guidelines extracted from scrapped hybrid cars Hydrogen battery the Nickel, again the use of rare earth resources. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, in 2 years, the use of dysprosium reduced to 300 tons, half.

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    Japan's attack on all fronts "to get rid of dependence on Chinese rare earth

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